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Thursday, January 28, 2010

X-Ray Extragavanza

We all love to view our own photos, natural pictures etc.. but how those photos can be viewed in an internal way, thats what i am upto today. The reason behind this is Mr.Nick Veasay who spends lots of hours behind an X-Ray machine to view the outsized x-ray images. His recent talk about the x-ray photos that he took were extremely amazing. It starts from the internal geometry of a wild flower to the internal view of Boeing 747. These type of x-ray photos are very dangerous to be taken because of the high amount of radiation that emits which may cause some serious consequences. But, Mr.Nick never cares that and some of those photos were very minute about the internal parts and working. Also he expresses that lighter things are the most difficult to work out with x-rays. With these techniques of x-ray photos the internal flaws can be clearly viewd no matter how big the size is. Even color x-ray photos are possible with his workings. These works are done in a x-ray shed with doors made of lead and steel to prevent emissions. The next level of attempt that Mr.Nick is going to try and implement is with x-ray videos and hope that with technologies going ahead these x-ray photos will be involved in flaw detecting techniques and hats off to Mr.Nick Veasay.