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Monday, January 25, 2010

"Ayirathil Oruvan - The Glamours and Myths"

The film ayirathil oruvan from selvaraghavan has a different view on considering the entire kollywood cinema. It seems to be a nice attempt and its a journey towards the history of tamizh, cholas and pandiyas. The entire second half speaks about that only. The first half contains flavors of humour, glamour and some great visual effects. Parthiban's role of the chola king is a great piece of work, but still it remains me of some flavors of the movie 300. The historical narration towards the second half were based on that art which is a good idea and also this made me to think about the beauty of ancient tamizh language and tones and hats off for that to Mr.selvaraghavan. With indian budget its very difficult to make graphics more lively in the film but still the crew has tried its part. Some mantra parts in the movie were little out of classical thing for selva's realistic movies (may have avoided that), but overall its a nice attempt by an Indian director, but still a long way to go for some perfect execution and also we are all hoping for the second part of this film, because the climax is like that, it is open ending. The visual effects and the BGM during the war scenes were good and good work by G.V Prakash. To say in a sentence, Ayirathil oruvan is a power pack attempt , but some part of the script and screenplay mismatches!!!!

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