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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Save from Extinction(Gharials and Cobras)

Hi friends, hope all u guys are well and good, i just want to share with u friends about a talk or may be a speech which will make us to think about how human harms nature.. the speech was from a scientist and conservationist called Romulus Whitaker.. it's about two spectacular species that lives in our country INDIA, one is GHARIAL the fascinating crocodile and another one is KING COBRA... our country's dense forest found in ACUMBEY karnataka is famous for king cobra and their heredity and these species are in endanger of extinction due to most of our human activities.. The scientist insisted many misguiding things are in lead to this extinction.. It seems to be the river is the best garbage to human and disturbs the entire ecosystem out there.. Many GHARIALS found to be dead due to the garbages and the chemicals in river banks are probably the best core reason .. So this speech focussed on only two species but its a complete alarm to entire species in our country because of human activities.. So i think we are the only creature with the sixth sense and that should be safety barrier to all other creatures and its not a request but a responsibility.. Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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