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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Sachin Storm - Double Ton

I cannot let my blog to be there without this news.. We call him the Master Blaster, The GOD of Cricket, none other than Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the cricket magician just stole the complete show during the 2nd ODI against the mighty south africans, the sweet timer was on complete song with runs on all corners of the ground. Runs doesn't matter to him but, the speciality in this particular match is that he created history by scoring double ton in the history of ODI cricket. He broke the previous record of 194 runs by saeed anwar and coventary. One more special thing about this innings is that he never asked for a runner and also he never gave a chance, it was just beautiful piece of batting. Not only the whole gwalior stadium but the entire nation was just waiting each of his run after 195. The little master said that this double ton is for every individual in this nation who supported him these two decades. He is 36 but still going strong, it clearly shows the passion that he has for cricket. Top cricket players all over the world complimented him for this wonderful visual treat. The only wish which that sachin has now that i feel is the world cup. It should happen with his presence during 2011 world cup. Then i feel his career will be fullfilled just like the runs that he has in his account till now.. Hope it will happen and congratulations to our master blaster for this treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010


As an Indian its my duty to post and share this message to all my fellow indians. Yes, our nation's pride animal "TIGER" is in endanger of extinction. Only 1411 remains says the survey board. Since the time i heard this information my mind saw this ferocious animal in a pity way, taking their soul just for money is the ashaming thing that mankind is making now, those men who are on to this , i think they don't belong to mankind. Every individual in india should carry this in their mind, that somehow we all should make a contribution to stop this extinction, whatever be the way whether its blog or sms or ads or hoardings, just somehow this count has to increase and i beleive that our indian government are looking this into a serious problem. As an indian i am raising my voice through my blog and i request all my fellow bloggers to do the same. And i want to thank aircel organization for bringing this issue in front of the media, because that heart touching ad was the reason behind this blog post and just like that all of us should make some contribution, it doesn't mean money, just some piece of time. Save our indian tigers.............

Thursday, January 28, 2010

X-Ray Extragavanza

We all love to view our own photos, natural pictures etc.. but how those photos can be viewed in an internal way, thats what i am upto today. The reason behind this is Mr.Nick Veasay who spends lots of hours behind an X-Ray machine to view the outsized x-ray images. His recent talk about the x-ray photos that he took were extremely amazing. It starts from the internal geometry of a wild flower to the internal view of Boeing 747. These type of x-ray photos are very dangerous to be taken because of the high amount of radiation that emits which may cause some serious consequences. But, Mr.Nick never cares that and some of those photos were very minute about the internal parts and working. Also he expresses that lighter things are the most difficult to work out with x-rays. With these techniques of x-ray photos the internal flaws can be clearly viewd no matter how big the size is. Even color x-ray photos are possible with his workings. These works are done in a x-ray shed with doors made of lead and steel to prevent emissions. The next level of attempt that Mr.Nick is going to try and implement is with x-ray videos and hope that with technologies going ahead these x-ray photos will be involved in flaw detecting techniques and hats off to Mr.Nick Veasay.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bury Your Worry!!!!!!!!!

Worrying inside without any further actions, does this make sense?. Well, certainly not will be the answer. Recent article that i read in the past week made me to make a view on this issue of human being. Most of us in stress period are finding very difficult to get rid of it. Why this happens? merely because of the way we are bringing back those worries in front of our fore head again and again. Sharing these worries with others (i mean the dear ones) will be a good option, but only few does this and the remaining categories just keep that inside their secret chamber or something and just blow out their further proceedings. The consequences of worrying will be very bad, it makes us to think of only that and our direction towards our vision will be lost . This sequence is mostly found in youths mind, especially the job seekers and those in bad environment of work and want a change, but they can't. Well, there is no medicine for this worry factor, but this is the root factor for many metabolic diseases. Simple way to eradicate this, is just to take the life as it approaches and always look forward after a result(whether bad or good). Never ever think of those bad experiences, just learn from that and leave it there. Because no matter how much years we live, always life is short and beautiful and enjoy every moment. I can just give these pieces of words to all my friends, remaining remains in our thoughts....... Stay happy always.........

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Ayirathil Oruvan - The Glamours and Myths"

The film ayirathil oruvan from selvaraghavan has a different view on considering the entire kollywood cinema. It seems to be a nice attempt and its a journey towards the history of tamizh, cholas and pandiyas. The entire second half speaks about that only. The first half contains flavors of humour, glamour and some great visual effects. Parthiban's role of the chola king is a great piece of work, but still it remains me of some flavors of the movie 300. The historical narration towards the second half were based on that art which is a good idea and also this made me to think about the beauty of ancient tamizh language and tones and hats off for that to Mr.selvaraghavan. With indian budget its very difficult to make graphics more lively in the film but still the crew has tried its part. Some mantra parts in the movie were little out of classical thing for selva's realistic movies (may have avoided that), but overall its a nice attempt by an Indian director, but still a long way to go for some perfect execution and also we are all hoping for the second part of this film, because the climax is like that, it is open ending. The visual effects and the BGM during the war scenes were good and good work by G.V Prakash. To say in a sentence, Ayirathil oruvan is a power pack attempt , but some part of the script and screenplay mismatches!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Save from Extinction(Gharials and Cobras)

Hi friends, hope all u guys are well and good, i just want to share with u friends about a talk or may be a speech which will make us to think about how human harms nature.. the speech was from a scientist and conservationist called Romulus Whitaker.. it's about two spectacular species that lives in our country INDIA, one is GHARIAL the fascinating crocodile and another one is KING COBRA... our country's dense forest found in ACUMBEY karnataka is famous for king cobra and their heredity and these species are in endanger of extinction due to most of our human activities.. The scientist insisted many misguiding things are in lead to this extinction.. It seems to be the river is the best garbage to human and disturbs the entire ecosystem out there.. Many GHARIALS found to be dead due to the garbages and the chemicals in river banks are probably the best core reason .. So this speech focussed on only two species but its a complete alarm to entire species in our country because of human activities.. So i think we are the only creature with the sixth sense and that should be safety barrier to all other creatures and its not a request but a responsibility.. Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy BirthDay to Mozartte Of Madras!!!!!

The mozartte of madras , winner of two oscar awards AR RAHMAN celebrated his 44th birthday today 6th january.. born on 1966 january 6th in chennai(madras) as A.S Dileep kumar .. He lost his father at his early age of 11 who is also a musical artist.. In a situation of extreme difficulty AR RAHMAN even thought of selling his father's musical instruments but the lady who gave this precious child AR RAHMAN's mother changed the attitude of RAHMANji towards music and cultivated a strong foundation which still remains as a strong basement for all his triumphs.. Opening the gates for indian music to hit every nook and corner of the world, AR RAHMAN is slowly succeeding on it... recently after his oscar awards, his music extragavanza is also been selected as nomination for two GRAMMY awards..and also he received an HONORARY fellowship of Trinity College London.. His master piece in vinnaithaandi varuvaaya is all set to an audio launch on 12th january which has already created some great expectations.. As a die hard fan of AR RAHMAN I wish him some great years to come and also a happy new year.. JAI HO to AR RAHMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!