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Friday, February 5, 2010


As an Indian its my duty to post and share this message to all my fellow indians. Yes, our nation's pride animal "TIGER" is in endanger of extinction. Only 1411 remains says the survey board. Since the time i heard this information my mind saw this ferocious animal in a pity way, taking their soul just for money is the ashaming thing that mankind is making now, those men who are on to this , i think they don't belong to mankind. Every individual in india should carry this in their mind, that somehow we all should make a contribution to stop this extinction, whatever be the way whether its blog or sms or ads or hoardings, just somehow this count has to increase and i beleive that our indian government are looking this into a serious problem. As an indian i am raising my voice through my blog and i request all my fellow bloggers to do the same. And i want to thank aircel organization for bringing this issue in front of the media, because that heart touching ad was the reason behind this blog post and just like that all of us should make some contribution, it doesn't mean money, just some piece of time. Save our indian tigers.............

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